Experimental Study on Creep and Mechanical Behavior of Modern Bamboo Bridge Structure


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A full-scale testing model of laminated bamboo truck load bridge was made based on the original structure. The mid-span deflection of CFRP-reinforced bamboo girders, temperature and relative air humidity were obtained through over three years creep test under self-weight, and the analysis based on experimental results was finished. The results indicate that the average creep deflection of the girders after three years is approximately 8-mm. In addition, the increase in temperature and humidity may contribute to creep. On the basis of creep test, a short-term loading test was carried out applied with dead load, and the bridge collapsed under the load of 18.5-t. By the analysis of the experimental results, it is realized that long span CFRP-reinforced bamboo girders have sufficient capacity to meet the strength and durability needs of practical use. Although CFRP layers could improve the performance of bamboo girders effectively, there is a decrease in strength and stiffness when considering the long-term performance. All these studies may contribute to improving the design of bamboo bridge structures, and some construction measures are suggested for the bamboo bridge according to the results of the experimental and analysis results.



Edited by:

Yan Xiao, Zhi Li, Rui Wang, Bo Shan and Prof. Khosrow Ghavami




L. Li et al., "Experimental Study on Creep and Mechanical Behavior of Modern Bamboo Bridge Structure", Key Engineering Materials, Vol. 517, pp. 141-149, 2012

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June 2012




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