SHM System Based on Modal Filtration


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The modal filter has various applications, among the others for damage detection. It was shown, that a structural modification (e.g. drop of stiffness due to a crack) causes an appearance of peaks on the output of the modal filter. This peaks result from not perfect modal filtration due to system local structural changes. That makes it a great indicator for damage detection, which has fallowing advantages: low computational afford due to the data reduction, the structural health monitoring system based on it, is easy to automate. Furthermore the system is theoretically insensitive to environmental changes as temperature or humidity variation (global structural changes do not cause a drop of modal filtration accuracy). In the paper the practical implementation of the presented technique is shown. The developed structural health monitoring (SHM) system is described as well as results of its extensive simulation and laboratory testing. Finally the application of the system for the structural changes detection on the airplane parts is presented..



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Tadeusz Uhl




K. Mendrok et al., "SHM System Based on Modal Filtration", Key Engineering Materials, Vol. 518, pp. 289-297, 2012

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July 2012




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