Effects of Lubrication on the Powder Metallurgy Processing of Titanium


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The role of lubrication on the consolidation behaviour of titanium powder, density increase and change in microstructure on subsequent sintering was investigated. HDH titanium powder mixed with 0-2wt% stearic acid or magnesium stearate was cold compacted. It was found that 0.3-0.6wt% of internal lubricant significantly improves the compressibility. However, more than 0.6wt% of lubricant aids the densification in the low-pressure region but limits the maximum density at high pressure. Moreover, 0.3-0.6wt% of lubricant offers a more uniform density distribution to the powder compact, while greater than 0.6wt% of lubricant leads to a segregation of lubricant in the surface region. The shape retention, ejection behaviour, de-lubrication behaviour and sintered properties were also studied in this work.



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Ma Qian




J. Lou et al., "Effects of Lubrication on the Powder Metallurgy Processing of Titanium", Key Engineering Materials, Vol. 520, pp. 133-138, 2012

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August 2012




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