Mechanical Property and Microstructure of Ti-Ta-Ag Alloy for Biomedical Applications


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Ti and some of its alloys (e.g. Ti–6Al–4V alloy) have become the metals of choice for the endosseous parts of presently available dental implants. In the present study, Ti-Ta-Ag alloys with a different Ag content were prepared using vacuum sintering (VS) and spark plasma sintering (SPS) process. The microstructure and mechanical properties of the Ti-Ta-Ag alloys were investigated. The results show that dense Ti-Ta-Ag alloys prepared using the SPS process exhibit high hardness and a suitable elastic modulus for implant materials for load-bearing applications. The effect of preparation methods on the microstructure of Ti-Ta-Ag alloys is discussed.



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Ma Qian






M. Wen et al., "Mechanical Property and Microstructure of Ti-Ta-Ag Alloy for Biomedical Applications", Key Engineering Materials, Vol. 520, pp. 254-259, 2012

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August 2012




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