Shape Recovery Method for Repairing Dents on Stainless Steel Sheets by Laser Forming


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This research proposes the application of laser forming to repair dents made in stainless steel sheets. Stainless steel sheets are widely used for the exterior coverings of trains or automobiles. When dents are made in an exterior sheet, it is necessary to detach the panel and strike the sheet from the inside with a hammer. This research indicates that dents were repaired by irradiating them from the outside with a laser beam. It is effective to repair dents without detaching the exterior sheet from the body of the vehicle. In the proposed method, a laser was scanned along the shape of the dent under the condition that the sheet bent by the temperature gradient mechanism or upsetting mechanism. In our experiments, circular dents were made in a 1-mm-thick SUS304 sheet. The laser was scanned along several circular scan lines on the circular dent with a diameter of approximately 20 mm. The depth of approximately 1.5 mm of the dent decreased by 85% using this technique.



Key Engineering Materials (Volumes 523-524)

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Tojiro Aoyama, Hideki Aoyama, Atsushi Matsubara, Hayato Yoshioka and Libo Zhou




M. Nunobiki et al., "Shape Recovery Method for Repairing Dents on Stainless Steel Sheets by Laser Forming", Key Engineering Materials, Vols. 523-524, pp. 1012-1017, 2012

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November 2012




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