Portable 532 nm Iodine-Stabilized DPSS Laser for Length Standard


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A diode-pumped solid-state (DPSS) laser, such as a Nd:YAG green laser, has become smaller in size , lower in cost and higher in performance. Therefore, the DPSS lasers are widely used in many industries. For a laser interferometers and secondly length standards, stable light sources are in demand. We have developed 532 nm iodine-stabilized DPSS lasers used for the applications. The lasers have following features ; compact design (D 280×W 170×H 120 mm), high power (3 mW) , high stability ( < 1×10-10 : allann deviation k=1 at τ=1 sec), and easy operation.



Key Engineering Materials (Volumes 523-524)

Edited by:

Tojiro Aoyama, Hideki Aoyama, Atsushi Matsubara, Hayato Yoshioka and Libo Zhou




H. Oozeki et al., "Portable 532 nm Iodine-Stabilized DPSS Laser for Length Standard", Key Engineering Materials, Vols. 523-524, pp. 1047-1052, 2012

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November 2012




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