Micro-Groove Cutting for Different Materials Using an Elastic Leaf Spring Type Tool Holder


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Micro-grooves fabrication is increasing due to its importance in different technology fields, as they are required for higher functional applications such as the development of optical lens or micro channels for heat exchangers. A novel method based on the technology developed for Atomic Force Microscopes (AFM) nano-cutting is proposed, where nano-scratches are made using a micro-cantilever with a sharp tip where a normal load sufficient to remove material is applied. Instead of a rigid system to control the relative position between the tool and the workpiece, AFM nano-cutting uses a force feedback control (FBC) of the normal load on the tool edge in order to maintain a constant cutting depth during the manufacture. Due to the limited scale range of AFM machining, a larger mechanism was developed and consists on a XYZ-stage system where an elastic leaf spring type tool holder is mounted with a diamond tool chip. FBC is not yet implemented on this system; however, basic experiments (micro-grooves cutting) were performed on different materials to verify the feasibility of this setup. With these results, it is possible to analyze the relationship between static indentation tests and the normal load required during the micro-grooves fabrication.



Key Engineering Materials (Volumes 523-524)

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Tojiro Aoyama, Hideki Aoyama, Atsushi Matsubara, Hayato Yoshioka and Libo Zhou




G. Herrera-Granados et al., "Micro-Groove Cutting for Different Materials Using an Elastic Leaf Spring Type Tool Holder", Key Engineering Materials, Vols. 523-524, pp. 93-98, 2012

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November 2012




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