Bulk and Surface Stability of Materials


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Buckling modes of a linearly elastic compressed medium are discussed. Stability of a plate lying on a soft elastic foundation is investigated. To the plate surface a membrane with initial stresses is attached. The stresses in the membrane simulate difference of equilibrium distances between atoms of crystal lattices of a surface layer (membrane) and of a plate. Also the influence of force and thermal stresses is studied. The chessboard-like stable buckling mode appears on the membrane surface at the stability loss. The ways of control of the wave length of buckling mode are discussed.



Edited by:

Robert V. Goldstein, Dr. Yeong-Maw Hwang, Yeau Ren Jeng and Cho-Pei Jiang




N.F. Morozov and P.E. Tovstik, "Bulk and Surface Stability of Materials", Key Engineering Materials, Vol. 528, pp. 51-59, 2013

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November 2012




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