Bioactive Glass Cloth that Promotes New Bone Formation


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A new composition of bioactive glass was proposed that can be drawn into fibers, woven into cloth, and has appropriate alkali-releasing ability for bioactivity. The glass was drawn into fibers and woven into cloth, then the biological efficacy of the cloth was examined in in vivo tests. Bone defects made in tibial bones of Wistar rats were covered with the cloth just like "bandage" for two weeks. The cloth was found to promote new bone formation in the bone defects without causing any adverse effects. In contrast, excessive infection was recognized and new bone was not formed when cloth made of E-glass fibers was used. This was the first successful demonstration that glass cloth made of bioactive glass fibers assisted bone regeneration. The present glass cloth, therefore, is expected to be a promising material for "bone bandage" or porous scaffolds for bone tissue regeneration.



Key Engineering Materials (Volumes 529-530)

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Kunio Ishikawa and Yukihide Iwamoto




T. Minatoya et al., "Bioactive Glass Cloth that Promotes New Bone Formation", Key Engineering Materials, Vols. 529-530, pp. 266-269, 2013

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November 2012




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