Changes in Bone Quality of the Femoral Diaphysis Induced by High-Level Fluorine Ingestion in Ovariectomized Rats


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Ovariectomized rats were fed a diet containing minerals at high concentrations, such as Ca, P, and F (high-mineral diet), and changes in the femoral diaphysis were investigated after 24 weeks. The femur was mainly red and partially orange on the color scale of the 3D-map in Groups A and B, showing a high BMD. The region adjacent to the marrow cavity was yellow, showing a lower BMD than that in the outer region of the femur. In Group C, the red area was small in the outer region and the inner region was mainly yellow and green on the color scale. The inner region adjacent to the marrow cavity showed a view of unevenly resorbed bone, and the BMD was lower than those in Groups A and B. Incorporation of F into the body influences the apatite crystal structure and crystal growth, which subsequently influences adsorption of F to crystals and structural changes. Therefore, it is important to ingest F at the optimum concentration.



Key Engineering Materials (Volumes 529-530)

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Kunio Ishikawa and Yukihide Iwamoto




H. Nakada et al., "Changes in Bone Quality of the Femoral Diaphysis Induced by High-Level Fluorine Ingestion in Ovariectomized Rats", Key Engineering Materials, Vols. 529-530, pp. 341-344, 2013

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November 2012




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