Study on Stealthy Characteristics of Electromagnetic Metamaterials


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Metamaterials are artificial composite structures or composite materials, which possess supernormal physical properties that natural materials don’t have. Through orderly designing the structures in the critical physical size of materials, we can render the materials to break through some restriction in some certain apparent natural laws. Electromagnetic metamaterials, which have the unusual electromagnetic property of controlling the transmission of electromagnetic wave, are discussed in this paper. Also, forming condition of the metamaterials is testified in theory. In metamaterials, electromagnetic wave could come up to be bending around certain boundary, but its transmission characteristics have no change. According to the superiority of the metamaterials, the metamaterials have the unique military value in the aspect of stealth. And if metamaterials are realized in militarily, it’s no doubt that the possessors will have predominance.



Key Engineering Materials (Volumes 531-532)

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Chunliang Zhang and Liangchi Zhang




Y. Liu et al., "Study on Stealthy Characteristics of Electromagnetic Metamaterials", Key Engineering Materials, Vols. 531-532, pp. 276-279, 2013

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December 2012




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