Structure and Optical Properties of Al1−xScxN Thin Films


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In this study, c-axis oriented AlN and Al1−xScxN films have been successfully grown on Si (100) and quartz glass by DC magnetron reactive sputtering method. The XRD patterns show that the crystal structure of the Al1−xScxN films is (002) orientation. The grain size and band gap energy (Eg) of the Al1−xScxN films decrease as the Sc concentration increases. The frequency of the E2 (high) mode observed in the Al1−xScxN films shows higher red shift compared to that observed in AlN film and the peak shifts to the low wave number with the increasing of Sc concentration.



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Cheng Zhang, Nanchun Chen and Jin Hu




J. Yang et al., "Structure and Optical Properties of Al1−xScxN Thin Films", Key Engineering Materials, Vol. 537, pp. 140-143, 2013

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January 2013




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