Characteristics of Laser-Generated Visco-Elastic Rayleigh Waves


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This paper reports on a study of the propagation characteristics of visco-elastic, Rayleigh waves induced by laser ultrasonics in half space structures. Beginning with the Kelvin model, the characterization equation and the normal displacement of visco-elastic Rayleigh waves in are derived and the influence of the visco-elastic modulus on dispersion and attenuation are discussed. The transient response of a visco-elastic Rayleigh wave is also simulated by means of Laplace and Hankel inversion transforms. The papers results and conclusions will provide insights and guidance for estimating visco-elastic parameters



Edited by:

Evangelos Hristoforou and Dr. Dimitros S. Vlachos




Q. B. Han et al., "Characteristics of Laser-Generated Visco-Elastic Rayleigh Waves", Key Engineering Materials, Vol. 543, pp. 22-25, 2013

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March 2013




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