Digital Design and Manufacturing Technology III

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Authors: Lei Guo, Xiao Min Ji, Xiao Bo Bai
Abstract: In mass customization mode, it was an inevitable trend that user custom products become really required through network. Aimed at the characteristics of the products display and Customization on the Internet, Web3D are used in developing Customization methods of products form, material and color. It was proved that the method could help to improve consumers’ ability to customize products interactive on internet, which can promote participation of the customers and enhance the competitive ability of the enterprises.
Authors: Yuan Xiang Zhang, Jun Wu, Ying Yu Ji
Abstract: This paper investigates the electromigration (EM) induced void and hillock generation in IC interconnect structures. The driving force for electromigration induced failure considered here includes the electron wind force, stress gradient, temperature gradient, as well as the atomic density gradient, which were neglected in many of the existing studies on eletromigration. The comparison of void/hillock formation and the time to failure (TTF) life through numerical example of the SWEAT structure with the measurement results are studied and discussed.
Authors: Jun Wu, Xiao Jun Zheng, Yuan Xiang Zhang, Hai Bing Jiang
Abstract: The magnesium alloy smelting process is analyzed and designed from the protection of the melting, refining treatment, modification and many other aspects. The article puts forward the solvent and gas dual protection smelting measures that prevent the progress of chemical reaction of magnesium melt. The article also puts forward a variety of refining method for smelting process impurities and exhaust gas, It’s ensure that the qualified rate of alloy materials. In order to further improve the performance of magnesium alloy, the introduction of the modification treatment will make alloy grain refinement.Superfine grain organization will effectively improve the comprehensive mechanical properties of magnesium alloys.
Authors: Hai Bing Jiang, Biao Zhou, Jun Wu
Abstract: Traditional stamping process of civil low-pressure vessel deals with blanking, drawing, trimming and flaring process in different processing station separately, work-piece transmission between different processing stations increases the auxiliary time, and the work-piece needs reinstallation, reduce production efficiency and increase production cost. In order to overcome the above disadvantages, the optimized stamping technology process is designed, compress four process (blanking、drawing、trimming and flaring) into a integrity process, and the development of a "4 in 1" stamping compound dies, that makes stamping automation realize easily, improve processing efficiency, easy operation, and reduce the product processing cost and labor costs, and enhance economic performance.
Authors: Xiao Lei Deng, Jian Chen Wang, Zhao Zhong Zhou
Abstract: Base is a main component of CNC machine tool, so its dynamic characteristics impact on machine tool’s machining precision and stability directly. However, the traditional analytic way cannot finish the accurate and complete calculation and analysis. So it is very necessary to make FEM dynamics research on base of machine tool. This paper employs FEM modal analysis to research the free vibration of base which is undamped. And then we can get the nature frequencies of the base’s first six modal, there are 407.79 Hz, 430.47 Hz, 501.23 Hz, 623.63 Hz, 626.51 Hz and 661.19 Hz, respectively. In addition, the first six modal shapes are also obtained. The forth frequency and the fifth frequency are much closed, so they can be considered the multiple roots for the vibration equation. The research results can provide theoretical basis for fault diagnosis,safety operation and vibration control,and the important parameters are useful for structural improvement and optimization design of the NC machine tool.
Authors: Jian Chen Wang, Xiao Lei Deng
Abstract: The rolling mill is a kind of mechanical equipment which rolls steel ingot or billet continuously into steel. This paper selected 1150 blooming mill as research subject. In order to realize the automatic control of 1150 blooming mill, hydraulic screw-down devices and the automatic control system of hydraulic screw-down position are used, and Siemens PLC is chose as the control system's main control unit. Then industrial control technologies are used, such as DC digital controller, touch screen, photoelectric-interrupter type position sensor.
Authors: Qing Miao, Wen Feng Ding, Jiu Hua Xu, Zhen Zhen Chen, Jian He
Abstract: This paper mainly deals with the reconstruction and fractal analysis of wear topography of brazed polycrystalline cubic boron nitride (PcBN) grain in grinding process. On the basis of fractal analysis, the uncertainty in shape and complexity in wear mechanism are analyzed by means of the construction of micro fracture of PcBN grain after producing the brazed abrasive tool with PcBN grains and carrying out grinding test. The main results are summarized as follows: (1) Actual behavior of self-sharpening phenomenon due to micro fracture in the grinding process can be grasped and reconstructed using SEM and 3D video microscope. The reconstruction model can clearly express the complicated wear features and characteristics of the grain. (2) The fractal dimension can relate the performance of PcBN grain to its micro fracture, and then the self-sharpening phenomenon due to micro fracture can be evaluated quantitatively on the basis of fractal analysis.
Authors: Jia Min Wang, X.X. Zhao, L.J. Li, C.Z. Huang, Z. L. Jiang
Abstract: The multi-temperature refrigerated trucks which can transport a variety of goods at the same time, meet the requirement of production and marketing mode of “small production/big market” for Chinese agricultural products. In this paper, the multi-temperature refrigerated trucks with sidewall air duct and bottom return rail were selected to simulate the effect of air outlet locations and wind speed on the flow field of the carriage. The layout of the air outlet location and the wind speed was optimized accordingly.
Authors: Juan Shi, S.Q. Bai
Abstract: Wearing gears with complex tooth surface are difficult to repair. A test method of laser cladding was made to repair the damaged gears which were made by steel 45, with synchronous powder feeding and gear axial scanning method, and Ni45 powder as cladding material. The relative position of laser beam and the gear surface were designed to solve the interference problems in laser cladding process. It analyzed the morphology of the cladding layer in the different test conditions to get optimum parameters, and determined the cladding thickness and overlapping ratio, and optimal sequence by made a comparison of cladding quality in different condition. Microscopic metallographic analysis and hardness testing were made for the cladding layer to analyze the performance of cladding layer. Got high strength cladding layer on damaged gears tooth surfaces. Laser cladding method can repair the gear surfaces and raise the wear resistance.

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