Research on Gear Repairing Technology by Laser Cladding


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Wearing gears with complex tooth surface are difficult to repair. A test method of laser cladding was made to repair the damaged gears which were made by steel 45, with synchronous powder feeding and gear axial scanning method, and Ni45 powder as cladding material. The relative position of laser beam and the gear surface were designed to solve the interference problems in laser cladding process. It analyzed the morphology of the cladding layer in the different test conditions to get optimum parameters, and determined the cladding thickness and overlapping ratio, and optimal sequence by made a comparison of cladding quality in different condition. Microscopic metallographic analysis and hardness testing were made for the cladding layer to analyze the performance of cladding layer. Got high strength cladding layer on damaged gears tooth surfaces. Laser cladding method can repair the gear surfaces and raise the wear resistance.



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Yangyu Wang




J. Shi and S.Q. Bai, "Research on Gear Repairing Technology by Laser Cladding", Key Engineering Materials, Vol. 546, pp. 40-44, 2013

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March 2013





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