The Microwave Dielectric Materials of (Zn1-xMgx)TiNb2O8 for Electroceramics Devices Applications


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The microwave dielectric properties of ZnTiNb2O8 ( ~34, Qf ~42,500GHz, ~ –52ppm/°C) was reported by Hong et. al. To lower the dielectric loss of ZnTiNb2O8, we studied the systems of (Zn1-xMgx)TiNb2O8 (x=0.02-0.1) ceramics. The manner of equivalent-charge trace substitutions for Zn2+-sites were replaced with Mg2+. In order to achieve more stability, CaTiO3 ( ~ +800ppm/°C) was used to adjust the negative τf of (Zn0.95Mg0.05)TiNb2O8 ( ~ –58ppm/°C). A bandpass filter using coupled microstrip-line resonators have been designd for wireless LAN system such as IEEE 802.11 ( 2.4 or 5 GHz). The response of the implemented filter used 0.8(Zn0.95Mg0.05)TiNb2O8-0.2 CaTiO3 ( ~35.77, Qf ~18,000GHz, ~ +4ppm/°C) dielectric substrates. In this paper, the bandpass filter area designed on 0.8(Zn0.95Mg0.05)TiNb2O8-0.2 CaTiO3 is reduced 88% than FR4 substrates and the near zero τf makes better frequency stability.



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Sean Li, Thiam Teck Tan and Danyang Wang




C. L. Huang et al., "The Microwave Dielectric Materials of (Zn1-xMgx)TiNb2O8 for Electroceramics Devices Applications", Key Engineering Materials, Vol. 547, pp. 49-55, 2013

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April 2013




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