Manufacture of Accurate Titanium Cranio-Facial Implants with High Forming Angle Using Single Point Incremental Forming


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One of the key application areas of Single Point Incremental Forming is in the manufacture of parts for bio-medical applications. This paper discusses the challenges associated with the manufacture of cranio-facial implants with extreme forming angles using medical grade titanium sheets. While on one hand, the failure wall angle is an issue of concern, the parts also need to be manufactured with accuracy at the edges where the implants fit into the human body. Systematic steps taken to overcome these challenges, using intelligent intermediate part design, feature analysis and compensation, are discussed. A number of case studies illustrating the manufacture of accurate parts in aluminium, stainless steel and titanium grade-2 alloy are discussed.



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R.B. Clarke, A.G. Leacock, J.R. Duflou, M. Merklein and F. Micari




J. R. Duflou et al., "Manufacture of Accurate Titanium Cranio-Facial Implants with High Forming Angle Using Single Point Incremental Forming", Key Engineering Materials, Vol. 549, pp. 223-230, 2013

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April 2013




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