Analysis of Transient Hygrothermal Ageing Analysis of Hybrid Composite Materials in Asymmetric Environments


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In recent years composite materials are widely used in the aerospace industry. The advantages of these materials are derived from their high strength, rigidity and lightness. More importantly, they have the potential to reduce the cost of construction, while improving structural reliability and increasing safety. Aircraft structural parts made of composite materials with polymeric matrix, subject to variables conditions and severe environments, require a good knowledge of their behavior under humidity and temperature. The matrix is very sensitive to these parameters. A degradation of properties is then observed [1-1.



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Moussa Karama and Joël Alexis




B. Boukert et al., "Analysis of Transient Hygrothermal Ageing Analysis of Hybrid Composite Materials in Asymmetric Environments", Key Engineering Materials, Vol. 550, pp. 49-56, 2013

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April 2013




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