Titanium Based Composite Coatings Deposited by High Velocity Oxygen Fuel (HVOF) and Plasma Spraying Methods


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The study involves a special class of composites called interpenetrating phase composites (IPCs). The Ti(Al,O)/Al2O3 composite was produced using high energy mechanical milling of a mixture of TiO2 and Al followed by a high temperature self-propagating reaction. Characteristics of the feedstock powder were improved by treating it with an organic binder. The feedstock powder was thermally sprayed on to a substrate using high velocity oxygen fuel (HVOF) and air plasma spraying methods. The spraying methods resulted in coatings with significantly different microstructures. Compared with plasma sprayed coating, the coating produced by a HVOF spraying method showed a much finer and densely packed microstructure.



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M. Ashraf Imam, F. H. (Sam) Froes and Ramana G. Reddy




A. Salman et al., "Titanium Based Composite Coatings Deposited by High Velocity Oxygen Fuel (HVOF) and Plasma Spraying Methods", Key Engineering Materials, Vol. 551, pp. 127-132, 2013

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May 2013




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