Analysis of Vibration Characteristics of Friction Plate Based on Rigid-Flexible Coupling Model


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The stability and reliability of the shift friction plate are the main condition to guarantee the normal working for the planetary gearbox. But the failures of the friction plate, such as fracture or broken plastic deformation, often appear during the real vehicle testing process. Currently, most studies focus on chemical composition analysis and fracture analysis for the fractured friction plate, but less study for shock damage. In this paper, we develop a multi-body dynamic model, a finite element model and a rigid-flexible coupling dynamic model to analyze and compare the vibration characteristics of the friction plate with three different support forms. The variation law of the impact force and frequency can be obtained for the tooth portion of the friction plate with different support forms. Finally, it can provide theoretical guidance for studying the failure of friction plate at high speed. Keywords: Friction Plate; Rigid-flexible Coupling; Vibration Characteristics



Edited by:

Daizhong Su and Shifan Zhu




S. L. Li et al., "Analysis of Vibration Characteristics of Friction Plate Based on Rigid-Flexible Coupling Model", Key Engineering Materials, Vol. 572, pp. 480-484, 2014

Online since:

September 2013




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