Inner Damage and External Dent in Composite Structures after Impact – Part I: Experimental Observations


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The damage tolerance methodology is used here to compare impact damage from experimental testing and virtual (numerical) testing. The first part of the study aims to identify links between experimental internal (delaminated area) and external measurable damage (dent depth) for a typical aeronautical T800S/M21e laminate. Effects of the mass/velocity ratios at some level of impact energy are evaluated. It is shown that a big mass generates denser and larger delamination with about the same dent than a small mass, which is a critical case for damage tolerance analysis. A relation between the external dent depth and internal delaminated area is proposed.



Key Engineering Materials (Volumes 577-578)

Edited by:

A. Milazzo and M.H. Aliabadi




C. Espinosa et al., "Inner Damage and External Dent in Composite Structures after Impact – Part I: Experimental Observations", Key Engineering Materials, Vols. 577-578, pp. 457-460, 2014

Online since:

September 2013




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