Tool Life and Wear Mechanism of Coated Si3N4 Ceramic Tools in Turning Grey Cast Iron


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This paper presents results of the investigation of Si3N4 ceramic inserts with CVD coatings in turning grey cast iron. The high effectiveness of Si3N4 ceramic inserts with multi-layered coating in the finish turning of the grey irons was shown. It was established that at the heart of the wear mechanism of coated Si3N4 ceramic inserts there is a chain of relations cutting conditions loading fracture of coating сhipping of ceramic surface layer failure of tools. One of the important features of wear mechanism of these tools is the operational defects formed at the coating substrate interface.



Edited by:

János Kundrák and Zsolt Maros




V. V. Kuzin and S. N. Grigoriev, "Tool Life and Wear Mechanism of Coated Si3N4 Ceramic Tools in Turning Grey Cast Iron", Key Engineering Materials, Vol. 581, pp. 14-17, 2014

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October 2013




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