Study on Risk Management of Manufacturing Industry's R&D Project


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The high risk of R&D projects has always been a negative factor that discouraged manufacturing industry to develop. However, R&D projects are the inevitable option for manufacturing enterprises to realize a leap-forward development. Thus, the optimal choice for manufacturing business is to apply the R&D project risk management model based on complexity theory, total system intervene theory and the idea on flexible strategy transformation with scientific recognition on R&D risks, involving information degression principle, risk-benefit balancing principle and the probable transformation relationship among the R&D risks.



Edited by:

Taiyong Wang, Hun Guo, Ji Xu and Dunwen Zuo




T. Liu and D. P. Han, "Study on Risk Management of Manufacturing Industry's R&D Project", Key Engineering Materials, Vol. 584, pp. 298-302, 2014

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September 2013





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