Materials Research in Appropriate Technology: In the Midst of Science, Engineering, and Technology


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Materials research is often characterized as a pure scientific activity. However, such approach cannot be applied when materials researchers must deal with Appropriate Technology (AT) development. Science and engineering which focus on pure scientific background must be integrated with appropriateness of AT in engineering and technology levels. This study aims to discover such integration by investigating right positioning of materials research to AT development at the intersections between materials research and AT in Science, Engineering, and Technology research areas. Seven pillars of survivability which describe the tiers of appropriateness are also taken as the basis of exploration. They are coupled with the intersections to deliver complete overview of research positioning of materials research in AT development. This study concludes that materials researchers become the inventors (Science), innovators (Engineering), and constructors (Technology) of materials used in AT. They have to produce materials for AT that that must be able (Science), feasible (Engineering), and visible (Technology) to improve local activities through a technological solution. By looking at the discussion, this study contributes in several issues at once: AT, materials research, and research design, including all aspects considered as the fundamental principles of survivability, by taking these issues in the positioning of materials research in AT development.



Key Engineering Materials (Volumes 594-595)

Edited by:

Mohd Mustafa Al Bakri Abdullah, Liyana Jamaludin, Alida Abdullah, Rafiza Abd Razak and Kamarudin Hussin






C. P. M. Sianipar et al., "Materials Research in Appropriate Technology: In the Midst of Science, Engineering, and Technology", Key Engineering Materials, Vols. 594-595, pp. 334-338, 2014

Online since:

December 2013




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