Non-Conventional Materials and Technologies for Sustainable Engineering

Volume 600

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Luis Eustáquio Moreira, Fernando José da Silva, Francisco Carlos Rodrigues

Abstract: Bamboo is a pipe produced by solar energy. It is a plant of the graminae family which grows up all over tropical and part of...

Authors: Edgar Torres, Arturo Plata, Germán Díaz, Caori Takeuchi

Abstract: The fiber density per cross section of the Bamboo Guadua Angustifolia Kunth (GAK) was calculated by digital images processing. Three...

Authors: Edgar Torres, Patricia Luna, Caori Takeuchi

Abstract: The percentages of delamination of Compacted Bamboo Guadua were calculated using digital images processing. Three processes were done in the...

Authors: Edwin Zea Escamilla, Guillaume Habert, Luis Felipe Lopez Muñoz

Abstract: The urgency for energy and material efficiency in the building sector increases every day. In the case of Switzerland, a buildings main...

Authors: Gie Steenput

Abstract: If we believe there is a crisis regarding global warming, pollution, and social injustice, and if we want to act on it, we need to open our...

Authors: Gustavo Orozco, Laura Villegas, José Jaime García

Abstract: The bamboo species Guadua angustifolia is a natural functionally graded material with a high potential to help solving the housing...

Authors: Patricia Luna, Caori Takeuchi, Edwar Cordón

Abstract: This paper presents the mechanical properties measured on glued laminated pressed guadua samples. Experimental tests like shear parallel to...

Authors: Arash Azadeh, Hassan Haji Kazemi

Abstract: Increasing bond between bamboo and concrete is one of the important concerns in using bamboo as reinforcement. Concrete cover rupture and...

Authors: João Victor Correia de Melo, Lucas Alves Ripper, José Luiz Mendes Ripper, Walter dos Santos Teixeira Filho

Abstract: This article aims to disclose some aspects of the research and constructive methods on lightweight structures made of tied-up bamboos...


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