Coaxial Stub Resonator for Online Monitoring Early Stages of Corrosion


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Here we demonstrate the proof-of-principle of a new type of flow-through sensor to assess the corrosion rate of metal surfaces. The method can be applied to all situations where metals are exposed to a corrosive (fluidic) environment, including, for instance, the interior of pipes and tubes. Our sensing device is based on the operating principle of a quarter wave length open-ended coaxial stub resonator. The method described here can be applied for on-line monitoring corrosion.



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Evangelos Hristoforou and D.S. Vlachos




N. A. Hoog et al., "Coaxial Stub Resonator for Online Monitoring Early Stages of Corrosion", Key Engineering Materials, Vol. 605, pp. 111-114, 2014

Online since:

April 2014




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