Injection Tests and Effect on Microstructure and Properties of Aluminium 7075 Direct Thermal Method Feedstock Billets


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The success of semi-solid metal forming is dependent on a globular solid grain formation within a liquid phase. This paper presents experimental works concerning semi-solid metal processing of aluminium 7075 feedstock billets which were produced by direct thermal method. The flowability of feedstock billets was evaluated by an injection test processing unit. The feedstock billets were heated to a temperature of 620 °C by using a box furnace before transferred into a forming die. The formed feedstock billet was removed from the forming die after it was cooled to ambient temperature. Several analyses were conducted on the formed feedstock billets including dimensional measurement and microstructure analysis. The results show that the feedstock billets which contained highest amount of free secondary phase were most successfully formed. Microstructure analysis results also revealed the formation of more globular and larger α–Al solid grains in the same feedstock billets. In this experimental work, the feedstock billets with higher secondary (liquid) phase gives a significant effect to formability. It can be concluded that in order to get successful formability of direct thermal method feedstock billets, the billets need to have higher secondary phase content. Thus, the selection of proper feedstock billets is important to determine the success of the SSM processing.



Key Engineering Materials (Volumes 611-612)

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Jari Larkiola




A. H. Ahmad et al., "Injection Tests and Effect on Microstructure and Properties of Aluminium 7075 Direct Thermal Method Feedstock Billets", Key Engineering Materials, Vols. 611-612, pp. 1637-1644, 2014

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May 2014




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