Realization of Non-Mechanical Lateral and Axial Confocal Microscopic Laser Scanning with a Phase only Liquid Crystal Spatial Light Modulator


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It is proposed in this paper to use phase only liquid crystal spatial light modulators to realize non-mechanical lateral and axial confocal microscopic laser scanning. With a phase only liquid crystal spatial light modulator used as a scanner to realize laser beam deflection, a confocal microscopic lateral beam scanning system is designed. A zoom illuminating lens is formed by incorporating a liquid crystal spatial light modulator along the confocal illumination light path, and thus the focus of the objective lens is axially shifted to realize the axial non-mechanical scanning. The theoretical analyses indicate that phase only liquid crystal spatial light modulators can be used to realize non-mechanical 3D confocal microscopic laser scanning.



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Robert Schmitt and Harald Bosse




J. Q. Qu et al., "Realization of Non-Mechanical Lateral and Axial Confocal Microscopic Laser Scanning with a Phase only Liquid Crystal Spatial Light Modulator", Key Engineering Materials, Vol. 613, pp. 167-172, 2014

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May 2014




* - Corresponding Author

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