Co80Ni20 Nanowires-Based Tunable Sintered Materials


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This work focuses on the development and study of nanostructured magnetic materials by a " bottom-up " strategy allowing the modulation of their magnetic behavior (soft to - hard). The main goal of this work is to tune the magnetic bulk coercivity properties of new nanostructured bulk materials based on magnetic nanowires assembly. Spark-Plasma-Sintering (SPS) process allows an organization of magnetic nanowires inside the sintered material and preserving at the same time the nanoscale character of the nanowires in order to take advantage of the confinement peculiar magnetic properties. We show here that changing the temperature and magnetic field parameters during this new sintering process is at the origin of a controlled anisotropy and coercitivity in the as-obtained bulk systems.



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Kenjiro Fujimoto, Shigehiro Kawamori, Stéphane Cordier and Franck Tessier




N. Ouar et al., "Co80Ni20 Nanowires-Based Tunable Sintered Materials", Key Engineering Materials, Vol. 617, pp. 61-67, 2014

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June 2014




* - Corresponding Author

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