Hot Spline Forming of Ultra-High Strength Steel Gear Drum Using Resistance Heating


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A hot spline forming process of die-quenched gear drums using resistance heating of a side wall of a cup formed by cold deep drawing and ironing was developed. The side wall having uniform cross-sectional area is resistance-heated by passage of the current in the axial direction, the heated side wall of the drawn cup is ironed and is finally die-quenched. The gear drum was successfully formed and the hardness was between 400 and 500 HV. Not only the formability was improved but also the formed dram was hardly oxidised because of rapid resistance heating.



Key Engineering Materials (Volumes 622-623)

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Fabrizio Micari and Livan Fratini




K. Mori et al., "Hot Spline Forming of Ultra-High Strength Steel Gear Drum Using Resistance Heating", Key Engineering Materials, Vols. 622-623, pp. 201-206, 2014

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September 2014




* - Corresponding Author

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