Dynamic Response of Polymer Based Shear Stiffening Composite


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In this paper, the uniaxial dynamic compressive response and rheological properties of a newly developed commercially available polymer based shear stiffening (PSS) composite is experimentally studied at different crushing velocities. The results showed that the compressive stress of PSS composites increases with the rising strain rates. Comparing the stress-strain curves of PSS composites and neoprene at the same strain rate, it was found that the compressive stress of PSS composite increased gradually with strain, while the compressive stress of neoprene increased sharply with strain. The uniaxial dynamic mechanical analyses of PSS composites showed that storage modulus of PSS composite increased with the increase of sweep frequency. The rheological study of PSS composites showed that the storage modulus of PSS composite significantly increased when the angular frequency was higher than a critical value, e.g., 100 rad/s, demonstrating evident shear stiffening properties.



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Yeong-Maw Hwang and Cho-Pei Jiang




S. Q. Xu et al., "Dynamic Response of Polymer Based Shear Stiffening Composite", Key Engineering Materials, Vol. 626, pp. 323-328, 2015

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August 2014




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