Numerical Limit Load Analysis of Pipelines with Local Wall-Thinning


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Local wall-thinning, which can be found frequently on the surfaces of pipelines, may not only reduce the load-carrying capacities of pipelines, but also cause serious industrial accidents. In this paper, through a large number of computational examples, the effects of axial, circumferential, small area and large area local wall-thinning with different sizes on load-carrying capacities and failure modes of pipelines under both internal pressure and bending moment were investigated and evaluated. By data fitting, an engineering computational formula for plastic limit loads of pipelines with local wall-thinning was presented.



Edited by:

Yeong-Maw Hwang and Cho-Pei Jiang




B. Y. Xu et al., "Numerical Limit Load Analysis of Pipelines with Local Wall-Thinning", Key Engineering Materials, Vol. 626, pp. 482-488, 2015

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August 2014




* - Corresponding Author

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