Testing the Accuracy of Surface Roughness Measurements Carried out with a Portable Profilometer


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Surface roughness is a factor that has a vital influence on overall quality of machine parts. This is the reason why proper measurements of surface roughness are a matter of great importance in modern manufacturing technology. Nowadays portable profilometers are common instruments to be used under industrial conditions. Measurements with such instruments can be affected by numerous factors, for example environmental changes, human errors of an operator, etc. This paper discusses problem of an evaluation of measurement accuracy of portable profilometers. It also describes the evaluation procedure and presents results experimental tests.



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Krzysztof Stępień




K. Stępień, "Testing the Accuracy of Surface Roughness Measurements Carried out with a Portable Profilometer", Key Engineering Materials, Vol. 637, pp. 69-73, 2015

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February 2015




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