Characteristics of the G200CrNiMo4-3-3 Cast Steel in as Cast State


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The subject of investigations constituted the G200CrNiMo4-3-3 cast steel applied for metallurgical rolls. This is the material, which microstructure can be modified by the heat treatment. The presented hereby work concerns the initial state (as cast condition) of the investigated cast steel. This cast steel constitutes the initial material for the heat treatment. The morphology of carbide precipitates, including the cementite precipitated on grain boundaries of the primary austenite, hypereutectoid cementite precipitated in the Widmannstӓtten system and lederburitic cementite, were characterised in the study. The results of investigations of mechanical and fractographic properties of the G200CrNiMo4-3-3 cast steel, were also presented. Among others, the values of fracture work in the impact test, fracture toughness (KIc) and wear resistance were given. The crack pathway together with the hypereutectoid cementite fraction role in its development, was presented. The obtained investigation results, presented in the hereby paper, will constitute the comparison base for the assessment of the heat treatment influence on the microstructure and properties of the tested G200CrNiMo4-3-3 cast steel.



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Tomasz Tokarski




E. Rożniata et al., "Characteristics of the G200CrNiMo4-3-3 Cast Steel in as Cast State", Key Engineering Materials, Vol. 641, pp. 136-140, 2015

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April 2015




* - Corresponding Author

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