Preparation of Fe(Pt,Pd) Alloy Thin Films with Flat Surfaces on MgO(001) Single-Crystal Substrates


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Fe50(Pt1xPdx)50 (at. %, x = 0, 0.25, 0.5, 0.75, 1) alloy thin films are prepared on MgO(001) substrates by using two methods, high-temperature deposition at 600 °C (one-step method) and low-temperature deposition at 200 °C followed by annealing at 600 °C (two-step method). The influence of formation method on the film structure is investigated. L10 crystals epitaxially grow on the substrates when films are deposited at 600 °C. Disordered crystals transform into L10 structure when films are annealed at 600 °C. The films with x > 0.5 consist of L10(001) crystals with the c-axis normal to the substrate surface, whereas the films with x < 0.25 involve small volumes of L10(100) crystals with the c-axis lying in the film plane. Similar final crystallographic orientation is realized for the Fe (Pt,Pd) films prepared by employing the two different methods. The films prepared by one-step method possess island-like surfaces involving side facets, while those prepared by two-step method have very flat surfaces with the arithmetical mean roughness lower than 0.2 nm. The two-step method is effective for preparation of Fe (Pt,Pd) films with flat surfaces.



Edited by:

J. Gutierez, J.M. Barandiarán, Evangelos Hristoforou and Dr. Dimitros S. Vlachos




M. Ohtake et al., "Preparation of Fe(Pt,Pd) Alloy Thin Films with Flat Surfaces on MgO(001) Single-Crystal Substrates", Key Engineering Materials, Vol. 644, pp. 227-231, 2015

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May 2015




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