A Study on Spirituous Liquor Efficiency Using Direct Alcohol Fuel Cell


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The electro-oxidation of 40 degree of alcohol as a local-commercial of spirituous liquor in Thailand compared with pure ethanol solution on the metal catalyst of PtSn/C was carried out. With using the 5 cm2 anode electrode of PtSn/C catalyst, the direct alcohol fuel cell was employed and then fed with 1 M of spirituous liquor at flow rate of 1 ml/min under operating condition of atmospheric pressure. The results from an output electrical power of 40 degree liquor fed into direct alcohol fuel cell (celled 40DFC) indicated that, at the initial time, the spirituous liquor provided the higher power density of 6 mW/cm2 compared with ethanol solution (celled DEFC) at the same concentration. For the cell open circuit voltage (OCV) using the spirituous liquor as fuel, it was 0.63 V which slightly lower than ethanol solution one. Nevertheless, 15 minutes left after applying the liquor, the cell performance was dramatic dropped due to the poisoned species of sulfur contained in liquor. The anode catalyst performance loss was also proved by using hydrogen gas for rechecking of the permanent degradation of fuel cell caused by feeding liquor onto the PtSn catalyst surface.



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N. Wongyao et al., "A Study on Spirituous Liquor Efficiency Using Direct Alcohol Fuel Cell", Key Engineering Materials, Vol. 658, pp. 129-132, 2015

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July 2015




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