Reliability Analysis of Double Derrick Based on Stress Analysis


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The double derrick as an important part of the drilling rig hoisting system in deep sea oil and gas development, its working environment is much more complex than land rigs working environment. Therefore, in order to ensure the quality of drilling, it is very important to analyze the reliability of the deep double derrick structure and its dynamic load characteristic. Based on the ANSYS software to establish finite element model of double derrick, through the static analyzing to the derrick, get the stress distribution of the derrick structure in static action and the derrick stress deformation trend, provided a reference for evaluation of derrick. Selected the calculation method of double derrick overall reliability index, and according to the results of the finite element calculation of static strength calculated the double derrick overall reliability index, compared with the general standard, know that double derrick with high reliability.



Edited by:

Wang Guanglin, Wang Huifeng, Zhang Xiang, Li Yuefeng, Li Chengcheng and Li Ye




L. Zhu and Y. Geng, "Reliability Analysis of Double Derrick Based on Stress Analysis", Key Engineering Materials, Vol. 667, pp. 548-554, 2016

Online since:

October 2015





* - Corresponding Author

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