Formation of B6O Based Materials by Reactive Spark Plasma Sintering


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Dense B6O based materials were prepared by reactive spark plasma sintering of B/B2O3, B/B2O3/ZrO2 B/ZrO2, B6O/ZrO2 powders and parameters of the materials were determined. The reactive plasma sintering ensured preparation of dense B6O materials at 1800 °C and pressure of 30 MPa. Additives of nanocrystalline ZrO2 to boron precursors led to formation of ZrB2-B6O composite with decreased amount of B6O. The crystallite size of the bulk materials was in the range of 18–40 nm but the size of unregular grains was in the range of 1.5–3.0 μm.



Edited by:

Irina Hussainova and Renno Veinthal




J. Grabis et al., "Formation of B6O Based Materials by Reactive Spark Plasma Sintering", Key Engineering Materials, Vol. 674, pp. 54-58, 2016

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January 2016




* - Corresponding Author

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