Fabrication of Micro V-Grooves in Ultra-Precision Grinding


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Ultra-precision grinding is an effective method to machine the optical micro v-groove, which is one of microstructures applied to the fiber-optics connectors, displays and other photonics devices. The ultra-precision grinding technology directly obtains high surface quality for brittle materials when the grinding process is under the ductile mode. This paper introduces general aspects of ultra-precision grinding technology in the fabrication of the micro v-grooves structures and introduces the essential features of ultra-precision grinding. The process of the manufacturing of the optical micro v-grooves components is presented in this paper. It contains the prediction models of surface roughness and form accuracy in the ultra-precision grinding and the optimization model under the consideration of the influences of grinding parameters,grinder factors and the material properties on the surface quality and machining efficiency. This study therefore contributes to providing a further understanding on the mechanisms of material removal and surface generation in ultra-precision girnding.



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Chen Xin, Lee Wingbun, Liu Qiang, Cheung ChiFai, To Suet and Wang Sujuan




Z. Q. Lin et al., "Fabrication of Micro V-Grooves in Ultra-Precision Grinding", Key Engineering Materials, Vol. 679, pp. 179-183, 2016

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February 2016




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