The Effect of Homogenization and Interrupted Rolling on Microstructure and Properties of Zn-Cu-Ti Rolled Sheets


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Due to specific application of the Zn-Cu-Ti alloy rolled sheets as a roofing material, ready-made sheets has to meet some specific requirements of bendability at relatively low temperatures, as low as 5°C. In the current paper it was shown that susceptibility of the Zn-Cu-Ti sheets to low temperature bending, is closely related to degree of its dynamic recrystallization during rolling process. The paper discusses effect of different technological routes on the microstructure, mechanical properties and in particular the low temperature performance of Zn-Cu-Ti rolled sheets. The experimental results shows that the homogenization of Zn-Cu-Ti casted strips at the pre-rolling stage can play important role in recrystallization of the sheets during rolling. The current work is part of research on designing new technological route.



Edited by:

Małgorzata Perek-Nowak and Grzegorz Boczkal




P. Osuch et al., "The Effect of Homogenization and Interrupted Rolling on Microstructure and Properties of Zn-Cu-Ti Rolled Sheets", Key Engineering Materials, Vol. 682, pp. 380-386, 2016

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February 2016




* - Corresponding Author

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