Microwave Composite Absorbers Based on Barium Hexaferrite/Carbon Nanotubes for 0.01-18 GHz Applications


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Nano- and microstructured composite materials have opened a new era for multifunctional materials. In particular, barium hexaferrites and carbon nanotubes can be applied in order to improve electromagnetic properties in composites. Magnetic materials with a texture based on barium ferrite and carbon nanotubes were obtained. The electromagnetic properties of Z – hexaferrites / carbon nanotubes composites were measured at microwave frequencies. It was shown, that imaginary permeability of barium hexaferrites/carbon nanotubes multilayer composites with double texture is as much as that of an isotropic samples at regions 3.4 – 8.5 GHz and 7.1 – 11.6 GHz.



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Nikita Martyushev and Anna Bogdan




O. A. Dotsenko and K. O. Frolov, "Microwave Composite Absorbers Based on Barium Hexaferrite/Carbon Nanotubes for 0.01-18 GHz Applications", Key Engineering Materials, Vol. 685, pp. 553-557, 2016

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February 2016




* - Corresponding Author

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