Content-Based Image Retrieval Using Color, Texture and Shape Features


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Nowadays CBIR is getting more and more attention from organizations and researchers due to advances in digital imaging techniques. A lot of interest is getting paid to search images from large databases, as it is not only difficult and time-consuming task but sometimes frustrating for the users. This paper proposes the CBIR system based on color, texture and shape features. The proposed method employs the use of DCT and DWT along with Hierarchical k-means algorithm for faster retrieval of images. The efficiency of the given method is demonstrated by the results in the paper.



Edited by:

Nikita Martyushev and Anna Bogdan




A. Ponomarev et al., "Content-Based Image Retrieval Using Color, Texture and Shape Features", Key Engineering Materials, Vol. 685, pp. 872-876, 2016

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February 2016




* - Corresponding Author

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