Advanced Materials Research VI

Volume 689

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Ho Sung Lee, Kyung Ju Min

Abstract: Aerospace vehicle requires structures to withstand intense aerodynamic heating and propulsion system to provide very high effective heat...

Authors: Y. Şahin, Senai Yalcinkaya

Abstract: The selection of optimum machining parameters plays a significant role for the quality characteristics of products and its costs for...

Authors: Adnan I.O. Zaid, Safwan M.A. Al-Qawabah

Abstract: Aluminum and its alloys are widely used materials in industrial and engineering applications. They are second in use after steel due to...

Authors: Adnan I.O. Zaid

Abstract: Magnesium and its alloys are the lightest constructional available materials on earth with a maximum density of 1.78 g /cc and melting point...

Authors: Safwan M.A. Al-Qawabah, Adnan I.O. Zaid, Ahmad Qandil

Abstract: Aluminum and its alloys are widely used materials; they are next to steel in use mainly in the automobile industry due to their high...

Authors: Adnan I.O. Zaid

Abstract: Impact conditions involve velocities below the sonic speed, which is normally of the order few hundreds up to few thousands m/s. The...

Authors: Shu Ling Liu, Ai Qun Gu, Cong Li Fu, Xian Wei Yu, Mei Ju Xie, Zi Li Yu

Abstract: To explore the relationship between the properties of the PTFE micropowders and the irradiation conditions, several PTFE micropowders were...

Authors: Gi Hwan Kang, Sung Hoon Kim

Abstract: The aligned carbon microcoils having the straight type overall geometry could be obtained using C2H2/H2 as...

Authors: Jae Kyung Lee, Sung Hoon Kim

Abstract: Carbon coils could be synthesized using C2H2/H2 as source gases and SF6 as an incorporated...


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