SIFT-Based Target Recognition in Robot Soccer


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A novel scale-invariant feature transform (SIFT) algorithm is proposed for soccer target recognition application in a robot soccer game. First, the method of generating scale space is given, extreme points are detected. This gives the precise positioning of the extraction step and the SIFT feature points. Based on the gradient and direction of the feature point neighboring pixels, a description of the key points of the vector is generated. Finally, the matching method based on feature vectors is extracted from SIFT feature points and implemented on the image of the football in a soccer game. By employing the proposed SIFT algorithm for football and stadium key feature points extraction and matching, significant increase can be achieved in the robot soccer ability to identify and locate the football.



Edited by:

Hun Guo, Taiyong Wang, Dunwen Zuo, Zijing Wang, Jun Li and Ji Xu




Y. H. Du et al., "SIFT-Based Target Recognition in Robot Soccer", Key Engineering Materials, Vol. 693, pp. 1419-1427, 2016

Online since:

May 2016




* - Corresponding Author

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