Modeling and Analysis of Single Hydraulic Props in Coal Mines


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This research is focused on dynamic performance of water hydraulic single hydraulic prop, the mathematical and AMESim model of single hydraulic prop are established. And the drop hammer is introduced to simulate the impact load of the surrounding rock acting on the prop. The performance parameters of prop retract displacement and cavity pressure are used as the research objects. The working process of single hydraulic prop is reproduced by the simulation. And the influence of safety valve parameters on the support system is analyzed. The results show that: increasing maximal valve core stroke and dead volume or reducing valve damping hole diameter can improve the support performance of the single hydraulic prop. But the influence of equivalent damping has two sides. For support system, decrease damping can improve the support performance, but for the safety valve, reduce the damping make the valve core stability decline. In addition, the pressure overshoot of the optimized system is 18.3%, adjusting time is 0.5s and the retract displacement is 10mm. The dynamic performances meet the technology requirements of the coal mine safety production of China.



Edited by:

Hun Guo, Taiyong Wang, Dunwen Zuo, Zijing Wang, Jun Li and Ji Xu




T. He et al., "Modeling and Analysis of Single Hydraulic Props in Coal Mines", Key Engineering Materials, Vol. 693, pp. 364-372, 2016

Online since:

May 2016




* - Corresponding Author

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