Bioceramic Drug Delivery System for Cancer Treatment and Regenerative Medicine


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Silica-calcium-phosphate composite (SCPC) is a drug delivery platform that has successfully demonstrated the ability to bind and release several therapeutics including antibiotics, peptides, anticancer drugs, and growth factors. It has successfully demonstrated a unique capacity for bone regeneration. The present studies address the effect of the phosphate and silicate functional groups on drug binding and controlled release kinetics of Cisplatin (Cis). Moreover, the roles of ceramic composition and resorbability on rhBMP2 release kinetics and bone regeneration in a critical size calvarial defect in rabbit is presented.



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Ika Dewi Ana, Kuwat Triyana




A. El-Ghannam, "Bioceramic Drug Delivery System for Cancer Treatment and Regenerative Medicine", Key Engineering Materials, Vol. 696, pp. 245-249, 2016

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May 2016





* - Corresponding Author

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