Key Engineering Materials VI

Volume 705

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Zhao Chen, Yu Guang Li, She Sheng Zhang

Abstract: Excellent material can improve the function of water lubricated stern bearing. According to the material properties and the theory of...

Authors: Clare L. Garing, Bryan B. Pajarito

Abstract: The effect of carbon black (CB) substitution with raw (BNT) and modified (M-BNT) bentonite on the thermal aging resistance of natural rubber...

Authors: Mark Rigel R. Ali, Bryan B. Pajarito

Abstract: Modified bentonite (M-BNT) was prepared by treating raw bentonite (BNT) with NaCl, tetradecyldimethylamine chloride salt and coco...

Authors: Nathapong Sukhawipat, Nitinart Saetung, Anuwat Saetung

Abstract: The novel natural rubber based cationic waterborne polyurethanes (cWPUs) with having quaternary amine as an emulsifier were successfully...

Authors: Karl C. Ondoy, Bryan B. Pajarito

Abstract: This study reports the results of investigation on the main and interaction effects of grit type, aging temperature, and aging time on...

Authors: Abhel Y. Ananoria, Bryan B. Pajarito

Abstract: The effect of compounding ingredients to swelling and mechanical properties of vulcanized natural rubber (NR) in deionized water at 80°C was...

Authors: Bryan B. Pajarito, Jimyl Arabit

Abstract: Tensile properties of surfactant-loaded natural rubber (NR) vulcanizates are investigated in correlation with blooming. Rubber sheets are...

Authors: Chaiwute Vudjung

Abstract: Natural rubber (NR) containing the nata de coco fiber or Bacterial cellulose (BC) was prepared by co-coagulation of BC and...

Authors: Sarawut Prasertsri, Pranee Nuinu, Sansanee Srichan, Siriwat Radabutra, Chaiwute Vudjung, Saowaluk Boonyod

Abstract: This research aims to investigate the efficiency of polybutadiene-grafted maleic anhydride (PB-g-MAH) as the compatibilizer for...


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