Microstructure Analysis and Low Temperature Degradation Resistance of Doped 3Y-TZP Ceramics for Hip Implant Application


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The effect of manganese oxide (MnO2) and aluminum oxide (Al2O3) addition of up to 1 wt% in yttria-stabilized tetragonal zirconia polycrystals (Y-TZP), sintered in air at 1450oC, was examined. The low temperature degradation resistance was observed by immersing the sample in Ringer solution at 37oC over a period of 8 weeks, whereby the weight loss and the SEM image of sample was analyzed to generate the degradation pattern of the sample. Additions of 0.6wt% Al2O3/ 0.4wt% MnO2 were found to be beneficial in retarding the ageing of the ceramics sample. Therefore the sample was deemed beneficial in the use of orthopedic applications.



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Guojian Chen, Haider F. Abdul Amir, Puneet Tandon, Poi Sim Khiew




D. Ragurajan et al., "Microstructure Analysis and Low Temperature Degradation Resistance of Doped 3Y-TZP Ceramics for Hip Implant Application", Key Engineering Materials, Vol. 706, pp. 42-47, 2016

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August 2016




* - Corresponding Author

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