Proceeding of the International Conference on Materials Engineering and Nanotechnology 2016

Volume 709

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: King Jye Wong, Xiao Jing Gong, Shahram Aivazzadeh, Mohd Nasir Tamin

Abstract: The present work investigated the effects of moisture absorption on the residual tensile strength of unnotched, notched and double-patch...

Authors: M.F.M. Alkbir, S.M. Sapuan, A.A. Nuraini, Mohamad Ridzwan Ishak

Abstract: This study aims to investigate failure mode response of woven natural kenaf/epoxy composite hexagonal tubes subjected to an axial and...

Authors: Tian Ye Niu, Jia Xin Wu, Ying Wen Li, Dong Sheng Xu, Lu Li, Lai Jun Wang, Rui Zhang, Kai Chen, Li Zhang, Hua Zhang

Abstract: The electrical characteristics of insulating materials play a key role on the working performance and operation reliability of power...

Authors: Yan Wu, Zhi Wei Zhang, Qian Wang, Na Xiao, Xiang Zhao

Abstract: Effect of magnetic field strength on carbide precipitation behavior in W6Mo5Cr4V3 highspeed...

Authors: Fatimah A. Noor, Christoforus Bimo, Khairurrijal

Abstract: In this paper, we present a model of gate tunneling current in cylindrical surrounding-gate MOSFETs through dual layer high-k...

Authors: Pei Yao Xu, Man Mu, Yan Qing Li, Sheng Han Zhang

Abstract: In this paper, Ti sheets were anodized to obtain TiO2 nanotube arrays electrodes. The impact of different oxidation conditions on...

Authors: Thanh Chi Nguyen, Ruksakulpiwat Chaiwat, Yupaporn Ruksakulpiwat

Abstract: Glycidyl methacrylate (GMA) was grafted onto poly (lactic acid) (PLA) by internal mixer using dicumyl peroxide (DCP) as an initiator. The...

Authors: Li Li Wang, Jie Huang, Da Chun Lai, Chong Yan Leng

Abstract: In this study emulsification- chemical crosslinking method was employed. The principle of this method is that macromolecular chains linked...

Authors: Tjokorde Walmiki Samadhi, Winny Wulandari, Firra Ghassani Gumilar, Kenita Firsa Ramadani

Abstract: The combustion of biomass for energy generation is practiced in an increasing scale in Indonesia as the country heads towards the long-term...


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