Influence of High-Intensity Zr Ion-Beam Treatment on Deformation and Fracture of 12Cr1MoV Steel under Static, Cyclic and Dynamic Loadings


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The structure of the heat resistant 12Cr1MoV steel modified by Zr+ ion beam treatment was investigated by optical, scanning electron and transmission electron microscopy as well as X-ray diffraction methods. It was shown that the modification occurs over the entire cross section of the irradiated specimen with thickness of 1 mm. Changes in mechanical properties under static, cyclic and dynamic loading of the specimens after the treatment are interpreted in term of structural modifications.



Edited by:

Georgiy Osokin, Gennady E. Remnev, Valeriy Pogrebenkov, Sergey Psakhie, Nikolay Ratakhin




I. Vlasov et al., "Influence of High-Intensity Zr Ion-Beam Treatment on Deformation and Fracture of 12Cr1MoV Steel under Static, Cyclic and Dynamic Loadings", Key Engineering Materials, Vol. 712, pp. 49-54, 2016

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September 2016




* - Corresponding Author

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